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Drury University

Much like the International Baccalaureate Programme, Drury University pushes students to look at real world problems through various lenses to discover dynamic and unique solutions. This is exactly why International Baccalaureate students are so well equipped to pursue higher education at Drury. The rigorous curriculum provided by the IB Programme prepares students to hit the ground running at Drury to be a part of research projects, in class discussions and academic dissertations.

Established in 1873, Drury University sits on 90 acres in the heart of Springfield, Missouri. It is an oasis within the city where students get to really know their professors and classmates, creating a strong sense of culture and community that transcends the classroom. 

IB scholarship promise 

Drury recognizes the outstanding academic rigor of pursuing an International Baccalaureate Programme. Students will be awarded the highest academic scholarship Drury offers, the Trustee Scholarship. This is awarded upon admission, and these students will qualify regardless of their high school GPA and ACT/SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, or the Duolingo English Test scores. 

IB college credit 

Drury offers transfer college credit for IB classes. Learn more about qualifying test scores and corresponding college credit at https://www.drury.edu/admission/international-bacc...

Easy admission Drury is proud to welcome students from around the world. Students from 54 countries study here because of our financial value, strong academic reputation and excellent location. Full, step-by-step details can be found at https://international.drury.edu/admission

Academic community and immersive living 

Drury’s 12:1 student to faculty ratio gives students small classes and time with professors to ask questions. Drury also offers a unique experience for all residential students. Year after year, Drury’s freshmen-to-sophomore and sophomore-to-junior retention rates are higher for residents than commuters. 

Study abroad 

Study abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities available to Drury students and is described by many as the experience of a lifetime. All Drury students have the option to study abroad. The experience is a degree requirement for business and architecture students. Most students that participate during their junior year. Your financial aid and scholarships can apply toward certain semester study abroad programs.  

Your Drury Fusion 

The university’s Your Drury Fusion curriculum is the ultimate in multi-major and customizable learning experience. Your Drury Fusion is a common experience for all students. It has been carefully designed to equip students for life and profession through a blend of academic credentials. Learn more at https://www.drury.edu/admission/your-drury-fusion/


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