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Colegio Brains Maria Lombillo

Colegio Brains Maria Lombillo

Calle Maria Lombillo 5, 28027 Madrid, Spain

+34 91 742 10 60



Colegio Brains Maria Lombillo
School type Co-educational Day
Status Private
Director Ms Cristina Miralles
Language of Instruction English, Spanish
Co-ed Age Range 5-12
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP, IBPYP
Diploma Coordinator Linda Keys
PYP Coordinator Daniel Prieto
Associations IB

Brains International School, María Lombillo is situated in the Arturo Soria area of Madrid. Not only are classes equipped with the latest educational technology, but María Lombillo also offers a cutting-edge sustainable building which uses bioclimatic architecture to save energy and protect the environment. This building provides a unique opportunity for our DP students to experience how their classes, such as Environmental Sciences, connect to practical solutions in the professional fields of architecture, engineering and education. In their CAS experience, Brains En Verde, the students themselves raise awareness in our community about the importance of the environment and how humans can take action locally to make the world a better place. Combining the study of academic subjects with hands-on opportunities to solve global problems is what sets María Lombillo apart.

In our María Lombillo center, we offer a fully international Diploma Programme for both native Spaniards and those baccalaureate students hailing from around the globe. We pride ourselves on our diverse range of subject-language combinations delivered by a team of multi-lingual teaching staff from all over the world. Diploma students choose the subjects they wish to study from six subject areas in the official IB languages, Spanish and English. In this way, students study a truly bilingual curriculum. This approach enables students to select courses at the level (Standard or High Level) that suits their individual academic aims. At Brains (María Lombillo), students find that they can design their own study programme to take advantage of their individual strengths and cultural backgrounds, while challenging themselves to grow into well-rounded knowers who are prepared for the rigors of university programmes.

Brains María Lombillo is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. Our two-year Diploma Programme for Baccalaureate students has been authorized and our first cohort of Diploma students started in September 2020. We are currently considered candidates to implement the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is now in its second year of implementation with students in the first and second year of ESO fully immersed in the programme. Students are embracing inquiry and concept-based learning and are motivated by making real life connections to their learning. We have been working on implementing the PYP for the last 5 years. The teaching and learning community is actively involved in the different phases of programme development; teachers and administration; students and families.