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Ecole Internationale Montgomery - Brussels

Ecole Internationale Montgomery - Brussels

Rue du Duc 133, Bruxelles, 1200, Belgium

+32 2 733 63 23



Ecole Internationale Montgomery - Brussels
School type Coeducational Day
Status Private
Director David Gerone
Language of Instruction French, English
Co-ed Age Range 5-18
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Stéphanie Athas

Ecole Internationale Montgomery is located in Brussels in the heart of Europe, a very vibrant and significant place in a globalized world. Brussels is home to European and Euro-Atlantic institutions and hosts diplomatic representatives from all over the world. In Brussels, we unite the European nations and build alliances for a better future.

EIM prepares students for the future. We strongly believe in the strength of each unique individual student and in the collective strength they will bring to their generation. The education model at EIM is student-centred and stimulates each student’s innate abilities; we teach and build on responsibility, initiative, passion, idealism, diversity, communication skills, and on individual reflection. Our students put unique contribution to work in teams, through which they respect themselves and others. Where we differ in opinions, we build bridges between our differences. In EIM, we focus on developing essential individual skills related to learning; our students learn how to learn. Students are encouraged to develop their own learning preferences, to develop their talents and interests, to take appropriate risks and responsibility for the consequences of their choices, to develop a personal identity, and to act from strength.

To strengthen our way of education, EIM will seek approval for implementing IB Primary Years Programmeme (IBPYP), IB Middle Years Program (IBMYP) in addition to the already implemented Diploma Programme (IBDP). This is quite unique in international education. The IB program serves as a means and not an end. It enables EIM to deliver content to our students in a way that prepares them for continuous academic growth, and allows them to serve their community in the best possible way, enabling our students to attain a successful and prosperous future in a complex and challenging world.

In EIM the individual student becomes a global citizen, and a lifelong learner, capable of facing complex global challenges, and functioning in a diverse international community with respect for the environment and humanity.