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ESF Quarry Bay School

ESF Quarry Bay School

6 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill, North Point, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong, China

+852 2566 4242



ESF Quarry Bay School
School type Co-educational Day
Founded 1926
Status English Schools Foundation school/Non-Profit
Interim Principal Ms Sue Yee
Language of Instruction English
Co-ed Age Range 5-11 years
Number of pupils 720
Years 1 to 6 HK$115,800
Non-refundable capital levy: HK$38,000 for each new Year 1 student
Average Class Size 30
Authorised IB Programmes IBPYP
PYP Coordinator Miss Ceri Hill
Associations ESF

ESF Quarry Bay School opened over 80 years ago and was relocated to new, purpose-built premises at Braemar Hill, on the north eastern side of Hong Kong Island in 1985. In recent years, our school premises have benefitted from being refurbished and redesigned. This has resulted in the creation of an outstanding environment for teaching and learning. The school aims to encourage a love of learning by providing learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom that help to develop confident, enthusiastic and successful learners who are able to inquire about the world. We have 40 different nationalities represented in our school contributing to a rich and diverse learning environment. Quarry Bay School is an inclusive school where all students are included as part of the school community. We feel that all children have talents which can be developed and that all children can succeed. Our school provides equality of opportunity irrespective of race, gender, religion or disability for all children. We encourage our students to be active learners who work collaboratively and support one another.

Quarry Bay School prides itself on its high quality relationships; students and adults work collaboratively and support each other enabling all to reach their full potential. Children with a range of learning needs are effectively supported by the school's Individual Needs team. The school makes provision for children with moderate learning difficulties through the support of a specialist Learning Support teacher.

Quarry Bay School uses the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Programme (PYP) as its curriculum framework. This transdisciplinary, concept-driven approach allows us to meet the challenges of educating in the 21st century by constructing a personalised programme that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant for our diverse school population. Making use of collaborative planning in the development of teaching and learning engagements, teachers model lifelong learning and the attributes of the IB learner profile to the school community.