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Hillside World Academy

Hillside World Academy

11 Hillside Drive, 548926, Singapore

+65 6254 0200



Hillside World Academy
School type Coeducational Day & Boarding
Founded 2006
Status Private
Head of School Suden Clarissa Lim
Language of Instruction English, Chinese
Co-ed Age Range 3-19
Number of pupils 250
Average Class Size 25
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:25
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP
Diploma Coordinator Max Lew Wee
MYP Coordinator Josephine Fong
PYP Coordinator Xiaoxia Huang
Associations IB

As a premier International school, Hillside World Academy (HWA), is tasked to be an enabler to harness the developmental process of the child in the atmosphere of bilingualism and biculturalism. HWA embraces students from all walks of life, accepting learners in all profiles and uphold the same mindedness to empower them the fair stage to be competitive in the new world.

HWA's success in the integrating of Eastern and Western values in line with IB (International Baccalaureate) philosophy, allows us to infuse and ingrain the inquiry mind-set of our children. We have cleverly crafting Chinese and English languages in the parallel deliverance from our syllabus. Distinctively granting us success in nurturing the linguistic ability of our students to think in breadth and depth, demonstrated through their UOI outcome and core subjects assessment.

Such success mirrors what our founder's, Mr Wang Zhize, believes that children are the future makers, nurturing wisdom through the integration of both languages and cultures, provide a platform that initiates volition, propelling them to seek true reflection in the self-directed mind-set and set-forth constant creativity in the spirit as a researcher.

Our teachers from PYP to DP, embrace subtle handholding. Bearing the mission as IB's educator, plan forth their daily lessons diligently, weaving it seamlessly with the School's mission statement of Integrity, Passion, Excellence and Internationalism, hereby creating the environment to value add to every student. They are actively helping students in making learning comes alive within their classes they undertake, such as projecting Physics and Chemistry concepts in reflective learning via social medias & technological platform. Learning trails calls for total active participations within Singapore's soil, where teachers and students take learning to another higher level out of classrooms. Our students are proudly taking the strike to enter Indonesia and Cambodia for their mission and learning journey in the month of October.

HWA's international students are encouraged to take part in HSK Chinese Proficiency Test, proudly safe-guarding the top positions with pride. Our graduates have also proven themselves as choice candidates for universities; many of undergrads have testified that the learning years with HWA have prepared them competently for their tertiary educations.

We have great honour in welcoming exchange students from Beijing Huijia Private School, for continual terms. The arriving students have total immersion and opportunity to integrate into our school curriculum and take part in all activities and enrichment that HWA students partake. The exchange proves to be effective as our students, who use English as the domain language, now have the opportunity to converse in mandarin with the visitors. This continuing success prompted the management to think of future exchanges across levels and work on further collaboration of our students exchange learning to HuiJia International School, Beijing.

HWA takes pride in inculcating Chinese culture in Singapore. Moving forward, we are motioning the proactive spirit in preparing the students in the Liberal Arts movement, whereby arts is entwined within the academic subjects to project the physical commercial products, projects or installation as the final outcome, henceforth, completing the mission of IB programme. Such progressive nature will be introduced in G11 and G12, and gradually to the other levels in stages.

To bring education to a full cycle, we work to enrich parents of our students in cultural exposure in both bilingualism & biculturalism immersion, to bring total learning out of classroom into their home. Planning is in process now and coming through will be many more initiated programmes centred at Chinese Cultural and Language exposure, all with the focused perspective to scaffold learning and prepare our multi-talented students for the dynamic new world.