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Instituto Educativo Olinca

Instituto Educativo Olinca

Periférico Sur 5170, Col Pedregal de Carrasco, Delegación Coyoacán, 04700 México DF, México

+52 55 5606 3113/5606 3371/5606 3510



Instituto Educativo Olinca
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 1973
Status Private
Head Maria Teresa Compeán de Carrera
Language of Instruction Spanish, English, French
Co-ed Age Range 2-19
Number of pupils 1,600
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP
Diploma Coordinator Julieta López Olalde
MYP Coordinator María Cristina Beltrán Aguerrebere
PYP Coordinator Claudia Ghigliazza & Isaura Ortiz
Associations IB, ISA

The Olinca Mission, "The Forming of Better Human Beings", is based on an education of academic and formative excellence.

Our programs are appraised, endorsed and certified at the national level by the SEP and the UNAM, and the international level by the IBO and the International Schools Association (ISA).

Talent, enthusiasm, rigorous dedication and commitment are clearly evident in the results of the programs of the Mexican educational authorities, the IB Programmes which Olinca pioneered in México in 1980, and developed in Kindergarten, Primary, the Middle Years and High School, and our own eight enriching Institutional Programs.

1. Human Excellence and Community Service: Definition, interpretation and clear understanding of the meaning of values: responsibility, generosity and a joyous celebration of attitudes, deeds and objectives, and the commitment to Community Service. Olinca is involved in 14 community projects with excellent results.

2. Academics: Encouragement of intellectual curiosity and the strengthening of justified, logical and critical processes of reasoning.

3. Languages: The acquisition of three languages, (Spanish, English and French), with international certifications in each.

4. Nationalism - Internationalism: Our motto: "One Home the Earth, One Family Mankind", portrays our school-to-school exchange program in Mexico and the world over in more than 23 countries.

5. Information Technology: The tools for the development of skills, from the handling of computers to Robotics and Programming.

6. Art: The multiple forms of artistic expression.

7. Sports and Physical Education: Development of physical and mental capacities and skills in Soccer, Basketball, Karate, Chess, Cheerleading and other activities.

8. Ecology - Care and Concern for Health and the Environment: For over 20 years Olinca has been deeply concerned about creating an ecological conscience and in making it part of our daily life, providing at the same time healthful habits for a wholesome life-style under our motto, "As Mankind Is, So Shall the Earth Be".

The 17,000 + 3,300 m2 facilities include:

  • Art, Science, Robotics and Ceramics Labs and Workshops
  • Sports Courts and Gymnasium
  • Five Auditoriums and Three Media Centres

Afternoon Activities include:

  • Guided Homework, Reinforcement and Fun Clubs
  • Drama Clubs, Sports, Chess, Karate, Robotics and Chorus

2 Campuses Periférico - Altavista