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International School of Herzen University

International School of Herzen University

Vosstania str., 8 "B", St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

+7 812 275 7684



International School of Herzen University
School type Coeducational Day
Status Private
Headteacher Lilia B. Lapteva
Language of Instruction English
Co-ed Age Range 6-18
Number of pupils 115
Authorised IB Programmes IBMYP
MYP Coordinator Irina Tomashpolskaia
Associations IB

St. Petersburg - the cultural capital of Russia!

Our school is located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia that is home to over 200 museums, 100 theatres, and several world-renowned universities. Founded in 1993 as the first private school in the city, we use the city with its rich history and cultural life as an extension of our classrooms. And we boast a historic tie with Herzen University, arguable Russia's finest pedagogical institute of higher learning from where much of our staff studied.

Our Tailor-Made Approach to Education

From our founding 25 years ago until the present day we have always been about our students. We love to share that our staff to student ratio is 1:2. Meaning we can meet students and families wherever they are in their educational journey. From the moment families enter our school we work with the student, with their parents, and with our teaching staff to ensure that they get the education they need to succeed in an increasingly internationalized world of tomorrow that values critical thinking skills over the learning of content. We develop a flexible individual educational pathway that allows for learning in a class setting (never more than 10 students in a group), one-one-one with a subject teacher and even independent study.


We proudly employ over 20 highly qualified language teachers that allow us to offer standard and advanced language classes in English, Russian, German, Spanish and French.

Our World School Journey

Our school gained authorization as an IB MYP school in September 2017. In Fall 2019 we successfully hosted an IB verification team and our school is on its way to be the only school in the city to offer the IB Diploma Programme. But our journey as a world school began much earlier. Besides our approach to education, our director always wanted our school to be different from other schools in our city in three main ways: (1) a focus on constant innovation in educational practices, (2) an internationally-minded environment, and (3) a holistic approach to the development of our students.

When we found IB - we instantly knew it was the right fit for us. Even though we are newly authorized as an IB World School, we are proud that most of its principles, if not the system, have been integral to our community since our founding. And this is proved by our first set of MYP e-assessment results, which were particularly impressive in Mathematics and in English Language and Literature. With our strong focus on hiring the best and helping them integrate educational best practice in the classroom - we are confident that our Diploma Programme students will soar.

All Are Welcome

Although many of our students are local, we also boast diverse demography with students from Korea, China, the USA and all over Europe. Due to our small size, we gladly welcome all students, whether they plan to stay in Russia for a semester or a lifetime. And with IB transitioning to another school is that much easier.