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John Paul I High School

John Paul I High School

8455 Pre-Laurin, St Leonard QC, H1R 3P3, Canada

+1 514 328 7171



John Paul I High School
School type Coeducational
Founded 1979
Status State
Principal Liboria Amato
Language of Instruction English, French
Co-ed Age Range 12-14
Number of pupils 325
Authorised IB Programmes IBMYP
MYP Coordinator Valérie Barnabé
Associations IB

John Paul I is a junior high school located in the borough of St-Leonard in the city of Montreal. It offers a comfortable and secure environment and a unique experience for 12 to 14 year old students. Our school provides a sense of community and belonging and facilitates the transition from elementary to senior high school.

MYP students benefit from a holistic approach to learning by considering the interrelationships of all subject areas that apply to a larger world context. They develop high level skills in methodology, organization, self-discipline, autonomy, critical thinking and self-reflection. With the STEAM mindset, we are encouraging students to create, learn, problem solve and think. Furthermore, Action and Service is an integral part of the programme.

Academically, students follow either an MYP Core Path or an MYP Enriched Path. The Core Path consists of the required curriculum set by the Quebec Ministry of Education with the MYP requirements. The Enriched Path includes Spanish, Geography, History and Science taught in French. The students have the opportunity to be placed in Advance Mathematics and Français langue d'enseignement.

To complete the last three years of the programme, the students must attend Laurier Macdonald High School, John Paul I's sister school.

John Paul I offers various extracurricular activities including soccer, volleyball, swimming, bocce, rock climbing, as well as, a leadership, yearbook and newspaper club and many more. Students also have the opportunity to complement their school experience by participating in trips to Spain, Boston and/or the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

We are proud to be a junior school where students are encouraged to explore new paths and do their personal best. As our children are our future, we must teach them well so they will lead well.