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Kodaikanal International School

Kodaikanal International School

PO Box 25, Seven Roads Junction, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, 624101, India

+91 4542 247500



Kodaikanal International School
School type Coeducational Day & Boarding
Founded 1901
Status Private
Principal Corleigh Robert Stixrud
Language of Instruction English
Co-ed Age Range 3-18
Number of pupils 393
K-8: US$19,900
Grades 9-10: US$21,000
Grades 11-12: US$21,800
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:7
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP
Diploma Coordinator Alex Kurian
MYP Coordinator Graham Lambert
PYP Coordinator Pearlin Joseph

Education with a global perspective

Kodaikanal International School (KIS) is an autonomous, international, residential school located in South India offering education for Grades K-12. With a rich heritage spanning over a century since its establishment in 1901, KIS has been serving young people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to become leaders the world needs. We do this through a rigorous and broad college-oriented IB curriculum that emphasizes deep learning and critical thinking and celebrates the arts, music, sports, social justice, and environmental awareness.

Key milestones include a number of ‘firsts’ – from when we became the first IB school, first international school in India (and the third in Asia) by adopting the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in 1976, at the time among only nine other schools worldwide; to when we became the first school in India to have its own separate campus for camping and outdoor activities in 1994. At the heart of the programs is a balanced approach catering to the student’s passions, strengths and academic requirements.

International community living

The school's student community consists of over 450 children, representing around 25 countries. Our greatest strength lies in our learning as a community - living together in an assortment of cultures, distinct faiths and varied experiences spanning the globe. We provide a wide range of opportunities to our students to be citizens of the world - from student exchange programs to providing a platform to practice and exercise their leadership capabilities in our local community through our social and environmental programs. Our students also participate in a variety of national and international experiences such as the Model United Nations, other multidisciplinary exchanges, conferences and competitions.

Qualified for life

As the first school in India and the second in Asia to offer the IB Diploma, KIS has an outstanding 40+ year track record of consistently scoring above the world average. Students can earn the IB Diploma by passing at least six examinations in prescribed subject areas: three must be at a Higher Level and three at a Standard Level. IB examination papers are set and marked externally by members of the IB and experts around the world.

The evaluation of the IB includes a mini thesis and a recorded presentation of the topic. The school also provides a bilingual option of undertaking the IB Diploma that allows for international students to pursue and complete the diploma at KIS. Apart from core subjects, students are encouraged to complete courses in Religious Education, Sports & Health, Fine and Practical Arts, Computer Education and Community Service.

Beyond the classroom

With a range of extensive student exchange programs the school provides the opportunity to be citizens of the world. The programs develop students academically and nurtures them into resilient and culturally competent personalities, enabling them to contribute positively in the communities they are established in. Critical thinking, ethical decision making and emotionally intelligent human beings are hallmarks of a KIS graduate.

Extracurricular programs have been designed for students to contribute positively to the local community and sustaining the natural environment. Initiatives are aimed at blending the classroom teaching program with a variety of community-oriented activities providing students with abundant opportunities for enriching personal growth, enhanced civic awareness and a progressive global outlook in line with the KIS vision and mission.

Our unique location and the natural beauty of Kodaikanal, a hill station nestled in the Palani Hills at 7000 feet above sea level, provides our students with an unparalleled experience of the environment and extraordinary adventures with nature. Hiking and Camping has been a staple feature of the KIS education since 1991 and provides students the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Western Ghats. The school's 100-acre off-campus camping property, gives students an opportunity to raft, canoe, swim, explore archery, zipline, and enjoy the different climbing facilities.

Musical excellence is a hallmark of the KIS education and our alumni include a host of distinguished composers and professional musicians. In addition to the regular curricular music offerings, KIS offers IB Music to IB Diploma students and annually presents students for Royal Schools of Music (RSM), London examinations in Music, Practical and Theory which are held on campus.

With infrastructure to support up to 8 different sports, KIS provides an opportunity for learning the fundamentals, rules and strategies for the sport of choice. The sports curriculum provides a broad understanding for individuals through physical activities with a strong emphasis on the relationship between the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being.