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Lee County High School

Lee County High School

1708 Nash Street, Sanford, NC 27330, USA

+1 919 776 7541



Lee County High School
School type Coeducational Day
Status State
Head of School Steven Ross
Language of Instruction English
Co-ed Age Range 14-18
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Wendy Bryan


Lee County High School will provide a safe, supportive learning environment with opportunities for students to become independent problem-solvers, universally responsible individuals, productive citizens, and lifelong learners.


Lee County High School, in partnership with our community, will prepare students to identify their goals for success and reach their maximum learning potential. Our faculty will support students in their endeavors while providing an environment which fosters academic and personal growth. We will create an atmosphere which encourages our students to become self-advocating individuals.

Our Beliefs

  • Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for helping students learn.
  • A student's performance is enhanced by mutual respect by and among students and staff.
  • All students in our school need to have an equal opportunity to learn.
  • A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.
  • Curriculum needs to incorporate a variety of learning activities to accommodate differences in student learning.
  • Students learn best when our staff maintains high expectations for their learning.

Campus Facts

Situated on a 72-acre campus, with more than 1,500 students, Lee County High School is a comprehensive high school, and the IB Programme offers a curriculum that is consistent with our learning philosophy. Students apply in the spring of each year, and we have a diverse, growing population.

Lee County High School was fully authorized in 2015 and has since graduated our first cohort. Our students learn to function as a small, close-knit cohort within a larger community.

Authentic Learning

Lee County is located in central North Carolina, which allows us to take learning into the real world, whether it be a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Duke University Lemur Center or the Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro. Also, our visual arts program has on-campus screen printing and 3D printing to give students marketable skills. IB students are stakeholders and give monthly feedback and self reflections to strengthen teaching and learning within the programme, and our student- to-teacher ratio is 3:1.

Our CAS program is designed to support our school and community at large while addressing problems that are global in nature. Graduates report that they are well-prepared for college, are able to self-advocate with professors, are able to work well with peers, and are self starters.