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Lycée Franco-Britannique Ecole Internationale

Lycée Franco-Britannique Ecole Internationale

Batterie IV, B.P. 159, Libreville, Gabon

00241 1 17 37 117



Lycée Franco-Britannique Ecole Internationale
School type Co-educational Day
Founded 1989
Status Private
Head of School Milijana Jovic
Language of Instruction French, English
Co-ed Age Range 3-18 years
Number of pupils 200
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP
Diploma Coordinator Nathaniel Akue Mackaya
MYP Coordinator Nathaniel Akue Mackaya
PYP Coordinator Nathaniel Akue Mackaya
Associations IB

The Lycée Franco-Britannique Ecole Internationale was founded in 1989 with a view to educate children ready to meet and embrace the needs and demands of tomorrow and adaptable to an ever-changing world.

Our School was the first in Gabon to become a candidate school for the IB programmes as well as authorized to dispense the PYP and the MYP (both 2015). Pupils have the possibility to sit the Brevet des Collèges General (French exam) at the end of Middle School alongside the MYP Certificate.

At present, we are also authorized to offer the DP to ensure the continuum.

The core of our program is taught in French with a particular emphasis on foreign languages which occupy a key position within our School and are taught daily: English is offered from the age of 3 and Spanish from age 7 onwards. However this is not to the detriment of other subjects which all hold an equal importance within our taught curriculum.

Moreover, a plethora of nationalities are represented within our School. This multi-national spectrum nurtures a spirit of tolerance and respect for the values, beliefs and culture of every single pupil whilst encouraging cultural diversity and international awareness. Our philosophy has for aim to develop responsible and solidary citizens through the various activities undertaken during the Service and Action Programme.

Class size doesn’t exceed 20 pupils per class which enables a personalised follow-up. In the afternoons, supervised study is offered to pupils with learning difficulties or to those with higher capabilities to deepen their knowledge. Students have the opportunity to partake in various extra-curricular activities (creative writing, film club, debating …) as well as swimming, athletics and team sports.

Throughout our 30 years of education, we take pride in seeing our pupils travel abroad to study in Europe and America. We believe that by offering a holistic education, which hones the abilities of each pupil so that they can fulfil their individual potential, we can reach our objective which is to endow them with the required skills to become active citizens of the world, driven by their will to change it for the better.