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Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill

54 Forty Lane, London, HA9 9LY, UK

+44 (0)203 824 4900



Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill
School type Coeducational Day
Status Private, Independent
Head of School Mireille Rabaté
Language of Instruction English, French
Co-ed Age Range 3-18
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Maaike Kaandorp
Associations IB

Located on a beautiful 5-acre campus, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill aims to develop students from age 3 to 18 into forward-thinking, principled and joyful citizens of the world and take on the challenges of the future.

"Through a rigorous, bilingual programme and innovative methods, we educate pupils to become responsible, creative and principled global citizens. We teach them to think critically and act ethically, to form and express their own opinions and respect those of others, to define their own life goals and to make sense of and embrace change."

Our students learn to ask questions and think critically, to form and express their opinions with confidence. They thrive in a bilingual and international environment, underpinned by excellence and a dynamic flow of pedagogical innovation.

It is our firm belief that learning can take multiple forms, and therefore be enhanced by the variety of approaches as well as the responsible use of technology. Our teachers think creatively and use a vast array of methods inspired by the latest research to help each student discover his or her own learning style, talents and potential.

We also believe that each student deserves the best possible education according to his or her needs, with the goal of achieving excellence in both intellectual and social endeavours. Learning should be a fulfilling, joyful experience and a school should foster curiosity, creative thinking and openness. Our school encourages individual and collective initiatives that enable our children to think positively about themselves and to recognise and value their own talents and those of others.

We encourage teamwork and foster a sense of community and solidarity within and outside the school, from positive collaboration and healthy competition in the classroom to volunteering and community involvement both locally and globally. We welcome students, families and employees from all backgrounds and cultures. We respect and celebrate their identity, lifestyles, preferences and individual differences and we expect every member of our community, children and adults, to do the same.

Integrity, creativity, courage, awareness and respect are the core values we encourage them to develop, with the aim, ultimately, that they become active and principled global citizens. Furthermore, we believe that honesty is of paramount importance in character building. We encourage our students to own their mistakes and learn from them, to embrace change and to welcome the inevitable challenges in our lives.

A member of the prestigious Council of International Schools as well as of the Independent Schools Association and AEFE, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill has been rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted for its Sixth Form Provision and for Wellbeing and Personal Development.