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Mar Qardakh School

Mar Qardakh School

Mar Qardakh Street, P.O. Box 34, Erbil, 1065, Iraq

+964 750 144 5031



Mar Qardakh School
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 2011
Status Private
Head of School Sally Boya
Language of Instruction English
Co-ed Age Range 4-17 years
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP
Diploma Coordinator Carolen Kossa
MYP Coordinator Martin Niqola
PYP Coordinator Hanar Keka


Mar Qardakh School is a private, Catholic coeducational school that offers three IB programmes: PYP/MYP/DP. Mar Qardakh is located in Ankawa, a suburb of Erbil, Iraq, in the heart of the Middle East.

Mar Qardakh school inauguration anniversary

On the eleventh of November 2011, Mar Qardakh international school was opened to the public. The students and staff celebrate the anniversary every year. The celebration starts as the students come out of their classes with their teacher and stand in the center of the hub. The coordinators and head of the school then give a speech to the students. The students proceed to sing the school's anthem and pray. Later they head back to their classes and complete the rest of the day.

Why MQS?

Mar Qardakh School strives to perpetuate a great and ancient heritage. Iraq is often thought of as the Cradle of Civilization, the land where some of the first and greatest ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia - Sumer, Babylon, and Assyria - began. The beginning of multiple languages, the beginning of writing and the beginning of education have often been associated with this region. Today, Mar Qardakh School is building upon this ancient heritage and carrying it forward by providing a comprehensive, rigorous education, centered on the holistic development of the entire person, in order to invest in the well-being of each individual and of the community as a whole. Mar Qardakh is also the only school in Iraq offering PYP, MYP and DP levels.


Our mission is to empower students for life in the 21st century by providing them with a holistic and international education, encompassing academic, social, spiritual and personal development, and an awareness of the world around them.

Our values

Mar Qardakh school offers an environment for students to develop their critical thinking skills, their sense of responsibility and their openness to international diversity.

Furthermore, Mar Qardakh school prepares students to become virtuous leaders; who can shape a peaceful society and a peaceful future.

Our students

Being one of the first IB schools in the country, MQS trains students and prepares them to overcome the challenges and difficulties they face. The newly established system in the region helps students to become better leaders who can face future challenges with confidence, self-discipline, and determination.