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Moscow School No. 1231

Moscow School No. 1231

Spasopeskovsky lane 6, building 7, Moscow, 119002, Russian Federation

+7 499 241 43 81



Moscow School No. 1231
School type Co-educational Day
Status State
Head of School Victoria Tiunova
Language of Instruction English
Authorised IB Programmes IBPYP
PYP Coordinator Elena Alexandrova

Our co-educational institution is a part of historical, cultural and educational environment of the capital. It functions in the social and economic areas of Arbat and Hamovniki districts, that is reflected in the development of State Educational Government-Financed Institution of the City of Moscow 'School 1231 named after V.D. Polenov'. The school was founded more than eighty years ago, then transformed into a campus in 2012. Now about 4000 of boys and girls from 3 to 18 years are studying here.

Our school represents all stages of the learning journey: nursery, primary and secondary levels.

The main targets of the written curriculum correspond to modern and perspective state, social and personal needs:

  • forming of the civic identity;
  • social consolidation in the conditions of cultural, ethnic and social diversity;
  • respect and trust among different social, cultural, religious and ethnic groups;
  • achieving competitive abilities of a personality, society and state;
  • improving of the world and keeping of the peaceful environment through intercultural understanding and respect.

The 1231 school provides compulsory and functional studying of the following foreign languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese (elective).The intensive studying of foreign languages has always been a priority for our institution. In this connection the educational programme provides the increased time for mastery of English language (intensive studying); inclusion of the second foreign language according to a student's choice (German, French or Spanish). Its aim is to create stimulating atmosphere for career self-determination on the linguistic basis.The 1231 school teachers ensure success in preparation for international exams: DSD (International Exam in German language); KET, PET, FCE (International Exams in English language).

Our school was authorized according to the PYP programme in December 2016 and we became a part of the IB World Schools' community. In present time, the IB programme is an inspirational model for nursery and primary learning levels of our campus, which enriches national educational standards. The teaching staff realizes it in the state language of the Russian Federation.

The leading role in personal development belongs to a family. Gaining positive results in the educational process organization is possible through parents and teachers collaboration. We have already accumulated positive experience in interaction with parents and it has contributed a lot to our community extension.

All foresaid principles help to externalize our school's mission.

Our school mission is upbringing of harmoniously developed, open-minded and caring inquirers with a strong sense of fairness and respect for other cultures; that are able to change the world for the better. It encourages our pupils to become active citizens, being able to feel compassion; who will also keep hunger for knowledge during their whole life; understand that other people could be different, and respect their point of view.