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Odyssey The Global Preschool - Wilkinson

Odyssey The Global Preschool - Wilkinson

101 Wilkinson Road, 436559, Singapore

+65 6781 8800



Odyssey The Global Preschool - Wilkinson
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 2008
Status Private
Centre Director Monica Wee
Language of Instruction English, Chinese
Co-ed Age Range 8 months-6 years
Number of pupils 220
Authorised IB Programmes IBPYP
PYP Coordinator Alice Alagan

Odyssey The Global Preschool is an award winning preschool employing the Reggio-Emilia framework to meet the developmental needs of children aged 8 months to 6 years. There are currently 5 Odyssey campuses in Singapore, with the IB accredited campus situated at Wilkinson Road.


Odyssey's curriculum is described as a learning journey to reflect the continuous journey of inquiry, research and experimentation undertaken by the children. It promotes constructive and cognitive, process-oriented strategies that encourage children to be curious, reason and problem solve, develop inquiring minds, think critically and creatively, and develop a lifelong desire, passion and love for learning. Some of the key features of their curriculum and lessons include:

1. Project Work - engages children in initiating, selecting and exploring topics of interest for inquiry, leading to construction of new knowledge.

2. Literacy Curriculum - emphasizes learning and acquiring literacy skills - print concepts, writing and spelling conventions punctuation, sentence construction, word skills, phonetics, reading and writing.

3. Math Inquiry - promotes the learning and acquisition of mathematical skills and concepts based on a predetermined developmentally and progressively structured scope and sequence that provides the breadth and depth of learning across the age groups.

4. Chinese Language Immersion - engages children in listening and responding to instructions and communication in Chinese, and learning the skills of the language through immersion in real world events and interactions.

5. Art Odyssey, Music Odyssey and Fitness Fun - implemented as core creative curriculum and enrichment experiences.

6. Little Chef, Outdoor Learning Experiences (OLE) and ECQ Literacy - planned as inquiry and creative projects that promote children's aesthetic, creative, life skills, social emotional and naturalistic experiences.

7. Prep Class - introduced as an enhanced preparatory learning with focus on acquisition and application of enhanced literacy and mathematics skills introduced in the last semester of the Kindergarten 2. EQ and IQ dispositions such as self-management, research, perseverance, risk-taking, critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning are reinforced as part of the Prep class learning experiences.


Quality of teacher-child interactions has an impact on the quality of the preschool experiences for children. For this reason, Odyssey classrooms are featured with a lower teacher-child ratio that effectively enhances the quality of personalized attention given to each child. All classes are featured with a minimum of 3 teachers; a Curriculum specialist, an English teacher and a Chinese Language Teacher for a full Chinese Language Immersion experience.

The diverse roles of educators include such skills as observing, documenting children's learning, creating a rich classroom environment and facilitating children's learning and play, and building collaborative partnerships with families and communities. Curriculum specialists are highly qualified and knowledgeable early childhood educators who are responsible for planning, monitoring and ensuring the attainment of individualized and group goals for children. Putting in place a teaching team of 3 teachers in a class also ensures low teacher child ratio at all times, whilst making it possible to facilitate personalized interactions and individualized teaching practices.

In addition to Curriculum specialist, Art and Music Specialists form part of the team of versatile, best in-class educators in the Odyssey. For example, an Art Specialist given the specialized art qualification and training; brings in the talent, knowledge and expertise in art, which a regular classroom teacher is not as equipped to do, which further supports and immerses children in creative and visual art experiences; their imagination, sense of wonder, curiosity, creative expressions and ideas.

Chinese Language Immersion

Having a designated Chinese Language teacher in each class means that full Chinese Language Immersion is made possible at Odyssey. The school offers full Chinese Language Immersion in all classes from Tots to Kindy 2. This teacher stays with the class throughout the day and speaks and interacts with the children primarily in native Chinese Language thus ensuring that children get the language input throughout the day, not just in formalized lessons, but in daily interactions, routines and transitions.

These teachers structure and plan Chinese lessons based on a set of prescribed outcomes following through a set of scope and sequence. This will ensure that children acquire the skills in listening, speaking, building their Chinese vocabulary and word skills, reading, penmanship and writing skills in the Chinese Language. In this Chinese immersion environment, children listen and respond to instructions and communication in the Chinese Language and thus acquire it more readily and naturally, and learn to use it as a means of expression and communication in the contexts of real life events.