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PaRK International School - Alfragide

PaRK International School - Alfragide

Estrada de Alfragide 94, 2610-015 Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal

+351 215 807 000

all@park-is.com; admissions@park-is.com


PaRK International School - Alfragide
School type Co-educational Day
Status Private
Head of School Samantha Gonçalves
Language of Instruction English
Co-ed Age Range 1-18 years
Number of pupils 1,123
Day fees per annum €6,514 - €15,264 (excluding enrolment fee of €661-€4,500)
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator John Clemo
Associations IB

PaRK IS welcomes nearly 2,000 students from 1 Year Old to Grade 11 in our four campuses in the Lisbon Area and are still growing with our students - we are very proud to have our first cohort graduating the IB Diploma Programme in May 2022.

With brand new, state-of-the-art facilities (opened in September 2020) in a 2,000 sqm campus in Lisbon , Portugal, PaRK IS offers the most adequate programme for each age group and circumstance: bilingual education from the Early Learning School years until Grade 4, Cambridge (including the IGCSE) and finally the internationally acclaimed IB Diploma Programme.

Our Curriculum is demanding, innovative and dynamic, always searching for the world's best practices and implementing the ones that best fit our students and their objectives. The school has an excellent Virtual Learning programme, as integration of technology is one of PaRK IS' pillars - students and teachers are comfortable using it in teaching and learning. Our school is solution-responsive and fast-paced thinkers: we live what we teach to guarantee uninterrupted education in every situation.

PaRK IS is concerned not only with the academic excellence aspect but also in empowering children with the skills that will enable them to succeed in the 21st century. We want to teach and inspire our students to think for themselves, to solve problems using the resources they have at their disposal. Many of these students will have professions that do not yet exist, so they have to know how to adapt their knowledge and way of acting to the situations they will live in - PaRK IS teaches students to learn to learn.

Soft Skills training is paramount to guarantee our students success in a globalised world. Our unique Well-Being department is responsible for the Social Skills programme and also guarantees that each student has their needs individually met - PaRK IS students receive personalised and all-rounded education from age 1 up until 18 years of age.

As an Inspired school, PaRK IS students are always encouraged to achieve excellence: Inspired Education Group student results show the best IB Diploma grades across the world - providing access to top universities in Europe and the USA. Being part of this global education group also benefits our students, giving them access to outstanding arts and sports programmes, international experiences through the Exchange Programmes, and access to the best practices to achieve academic excellence - especially important for the older students.