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Shanghai High School

Shanghai High School

400 Shangzhong Road, Xuhui, Shanghai, 200231, China

+86 21 64765516



Shanghai High School
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 1865
Status State
Head of School Feng Zhigang
Language of Instruction English
Number of pupils 3,923
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Jiang Hao
Associations IB

The School

Established in 1865, Shanghai High School has an overall size of 340MU (223,617 square meters) and is historically one of the most well-known schools in China and around the world.

Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID) was founded on June 1, 1993. SHSID has two campuses and has enrolled about 3000 students from over 60 different countries.

In 1995, SHSID became an IB World School. SHSID has been authorized by the College Board to administer AP, SAT and PSAT exams and is also an authorized TOEFL, ACT and A-level exam center.

Highly Selective Curriculum

SHSID offers its students two different curricula: the US-based program and the IB Diploma Programme. In grades 11 and 12, the IB Diploma Programme is available and the Advanced Placement courses are offered to students from Grade 10 to Grade 12 as college preparation programs. There are 29 IB courses and 20. AP courses for students to choose from.

Approximately 600 compulsory and optional courses are offered for students in grades 1 through 12. A total of 5 different levels, including Standard, Standard Plus, and Honors, are available to meet the varying academic requirements of individual students.

SHSID's high school curriculum encourages a distinct focus on math, physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science education. A strong foundation in science supports students' future advancement into higher education. In the humanities and arts, many students have been admitted to top liberal arts colleges, as well as various prominent arts and music academies. The curriculum at SHSID aims to fully develop and cultivate the personalities and talents of all students.

Digital Learning Environment

SHSID strives to create and maintain a modern and digitalized learning environment for students. The campus network, the school information system, the Desktop Cloud, digital libraries, and media centers provide students with opportunities to pursue learning and self-management online.

SHSID offers 30 world-class laboratories, including the Foundation Laboratory of Laser and Fiber Optics, the Modern Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Financial Investments Research Laboratory, and the Information Security Laboratory. At SHSID, these facilities offer students an excellent environment to pursue independent inquiry and research, while also encouraging them to identify and pursue their individual interests and aspirations for continued development.

SHSID also actively explores methods of applying digital tools toward education. New technology, such as the Cloud, Internet of Things, and modern tablets are introduced to stimulate individualized learning in a fully digitalized environment.

Green Campus and Excellent Facilities

Located in the south-west of Shanghai, SHSID has the largest school campus in the city. We devote over 50% of our site to green space containing seasonal flowers and over 10,000 trees. This beautiful location provides students with a pleasant environment that nurtures creativity.

SHSID owns a 400-meter standard rubberized running track, a FIFA-size soccer field, seven indoor and outdoor tennis courts, an Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, a multi-purpose gymnasium, an indoor table-tennis and badminton center, as well as several other facilities. With these numerous and varying amenities, students are able to enhance their physical development and sporting abilities in an easy and accessible manner.

SHSID also provides students with excellent art, music, and media facilities. The Digital Media Center, the Arts Center, and the Music and Performance Center are equipped with advanced devices and a wide array of musical instruments for students to improve their talents, skills, and artistic potential.

Excellent Faculty

SHSID maintains a top quality, diverse teaching staff by recruiting from China, the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Over 45% of faculty members are expatriates, and the majority of our Chinese teachers have attended various educational programs abroad.

All of our educators have excellent educational backgrounds and extensive teaching experience. More than 65% of the teachers have completed post-graduate education, and over 50% of the teachers are professors, associate professors or senior teachers at SHSID.

SHSID enhances professional development by providing teachers with the chance to expand their teaching experience with opportunities to participate in seminars and training courses both at home and abroad.

Academic Achievement

IB Exam Results:

  • 2016: Pass rate 100%, Average score 41.0
  • 2017: Pass rate 100%, Average score 42.2
  • 2018: Pass rate 100%, Average score 41.7

The AP program at SHSID produces outstanding results with an average score of approximately 4.6 (out of 5) on more than 700 exams.

SHSID graduates have been highly recognized by colleges worldwide. Prestigious American institutions have accepted our students including Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale, University, University of Chicago, Stanford University, Duke University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Cornell University, University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, Emory University, Georgetown University, University of California - Berkeley, University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California - Los Angeles, University of Virginia, etc. Our students also have the same excellent application results in other countries and regions, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, such as the University of Cambridge (Trinity College), University of Oxford, Imperial College London, LSE, UCL, the University of Sydney, McGill University, the University of Tokyo, Seoul National University, the University of Hong Kong, etc.

Extracurricular Activities

SHSID offers a variety of extracurricular activities in many different areas, including studio arts, performing arts, gymnastics, science and technology, debate, drama, and news and media. All of these activities enable students to discover their personal interests and develop essential skills for the 21st Century, including communication skills, collaboration skills, and leadership abilities.

SHSID encourages students to demonstrate their abilities, strengths and confidence in all manners of competition, both inside and outside of the school. Students have received numerous honors, such as, Best Delegation at the Harvard MUN (China), the 1st Place Prize (China Round) and 2nd Place Prize (International Round) at the United States Academic Decathlon, 2nd Prize of the Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest, 1st Prize of China Thinks Big 2018, Champion of National Economic Challenge 2018 (China Round), and a wide range of sporting championships in events held with other international and local schools.

There are approximately one hundred clubs organized and managed by students at SHSID, covering a diverse and wide breadth of areas. Various clubs are devoted to charities and community service. These student clubs at SHSID support more than ten charity organizations and hundreds of people every year throughout the community and abroad.