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St Cuthbert's College

St Cuthbert's College

122 Market Road, Epsom, Auckland, 1051, New Zealand

+64 9 520 4159



St Cuthbert's College
School type Girls' Day & Boarding
Founded 1915
Status Private
Principal Justine Mahon
Language of Instruction English
Girls Age Range 5-18
Number of pupils 1,360
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Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Buino Vink
Associations IB,BSA

IB at St Cuthbert's College, Auckland, New Zealand

St Cuthbert's College is the top academic school for girls in New Zealand. Our emphasis on personalised learning encourages students to achieve their personal best and strive for excellence. We offer a balanced education with a holistic view of each individual student. Our aim is to nurture skills and talents across a range of areas - academic, sporting, artistic, creative and musical. We believe that IB fits with our remit to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people with intercultural understanding and respect.

St Cuthbert's College is focused on growing our girls to be caring leaders and influencers who are true global citizens. We are one of the few schools in New Zealand to offer the Environmental Systems as a subject because it reinforces our international citizen initiatives. We organise overseas trips, competitions and exchange programmes which build on our global connections.

We have small IB classes enabling our teachers to establish good relationships with their students and tailor courses and options to them. Our students work closely together and have established their own study groups to support each other.

Students embrace CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) with passion. CAS enables them to create their own interest groups and work to support each other. They are encouraged to do activities that push them out of their comfort zone.

TOK (Theory of Knowledge) is popular with St Cuthbert’s students, giving them an opportunity to explore new cross curricular subject areas and develop new ways of thinking.

Our IB students achieve consistently high results and gain scholarships to universities worldwide. Every year, many IB girls achieve above 40, some even achieve 45 scores.

Head Girl Monique Pitt said: "TOK was my favourite subject because it forces you to question what you know. In IB, we also apply our learning to real world situations. I think it gives you a ticket to anywhere."

Year 13 student Serena Li said: "I liked the spread of subjects with IB and the curriculum was easy to follow. TOK excited me because I wanted to have a go at philosophy and other knowledge-related subjects. IB also makes you think critically and gives you more of a global perspective."

Year 13 student Frances Orchard-Hall said: "IB encourages you to be an all-rounder plus you are discovering and explaining things not just being told. IB gives you a whole lot more than just content knowledge. Our cohort has grown in collaboration; you learn how everyone works and we help each other. It's a supportive environment where you know you can put your hand up to ask a question and you won't be laughed at."

Year 13 student Stacey Tian said: "IB really encourages connections across disciplines. It's challenging coursework and you have to be self-motivated, but you are never bored."

Year 13 Charmaine Yu said: "I chose IB because it pushes me to take subjects I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Some students just want to learn stuff for exams but TOK opens your mind and helps you be a critical thinker."