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Unidad Educativa Santana

Unidad Educativa Santana

Av. los Cerezos S/N y vía a Racar, Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

+593 7 4121879



Unidad Educativa Santana
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 1985
Status Private
Headteacher Pablo Crespo Andrade
Language of Instruction Spanish
Co-ed Age Range 3-18
Number of pupils 800
Kindergarten $3,312
Elementary School $3,824
Baccalaureate $4,371
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Xavier Tenorio Sánchez
Associations IB

At Santana Educational School academic training is considered as an educational experience, that begins with students from the kindergarten to the third year of high school. Being a private lay school has allowed it to base its experience on its own educational philosophy, product of its growth since 1985, when it was founded.

Santana's orientation towards education is what makes it different, the awareness that its philosophy understands that success in life is determined by the inner potential of each person rather than by a specific knowledge. As a result of this recognition, Santana's structure supports the growth of individual qualities such as autonomy, responsibility and creativity, so that, from a self-critical and self-correcting practice, students can develop as autonomous and conscious human beings, with critical thinking capacity, problem-solving talent, social sensitivity and sense of responsibility.

In Santana, students and their teachers create their own curriculum, implement their rights and responsibilities as members of an active democracy. More importantly, they perform the difficult task of defining themselves.

Since April 2011 Santana has been authorized by the OBI to offer the Diploma Programme, in its last three years of high school. It is a rigorous educational program aimed at young people aged from 16 to 19 that is usually taught over a period of two years and culminates in examinations. It is an excellent preparation for university and adult life, it enjoys wide recognition among the world's leading universities. In short, this program encourages students to be active learners, to be compassionate, and to understand that others, with their differences, may also be right.

Both the IB's and Santana Educational Unit's goals are concerned with the development of intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills that students need to live, learn and work in an increasingly globalized world. Students immersed in this international program prepare themselves to face university studies in any region of the world and to integrate into adult life in a successful way.