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State Rte 65, Montezuma, NM 87731, USA

+1 505 454 4252



School type Coeducational International Boarding
Founded 1982
Status Private
Head of College Victoria Mora
Language of Instruction English
Co-ed Age Range 17-19
Number of pupils 235
Two-year fee US$78,840 (scholarships available)
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Alexis Mamaux
Associations IB

UWC-USA: Turning Dreams into Action

UWC-USA students share a common trait: they are passionate change-agents who strongly identify with the school's mission of using education as a force to unite people and cultures for a peaceful, sustainable world.

While UWC-USA students embrace the same mission, you couldn't imagine a more diverse group of young people. The 223 students who fill the campus hail from almost 94 different countries and represent a broad range of ethnicities, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. In this rich milieu, students learn about the world in a deeply personal way. As a result, they develop a profound sense of empathy and an international outlook that impacts them and those around them throughout their lives.

UWC-USA is part of a 17-school consortium that includes campuses on five continents. Located in northeastern New Mexico, the 200-acre boarding school is surrounded by a majestic pine forest, springs, and the rich cultural environment of the American Southwest. All students are enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, the US equivalent of 11th and 12th grade, and the faculty-to-student ratio is 1:9. In addition to academic studies, students learn advanced outdoor skills and leadership through UWC-USA's flagship wilderness program. They study conflict resolution to become mediators, and they engage with the local community by volunteering for organizations that provide services to some of the area's neediest residents.

When they graduate, UWC-USA students matriculate at many of the world's most highly regarded colleges and universities. From there, they go on to become community leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, and more. UWC-USA was founded in 1982 and has more than 3,000 proud and accomplished alumni; more than 90 percent of them say UWC-USA was the most transformative educational experience of their lives.

UWC-USA also offers an 18-day summer short course, Global Leadership Forum, July 6 - 23, 2018.

To learn more about UWC-USA, visit the school website at www.UWC-USA.org.