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The Modern Montessori School (MMS) aims to provide a rich and stimulating environment where children can develop to their full potential.

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IB World Schools in Jordan

Are you looking for an International Baccalaureate World School in Jordan? Here you can find a list of Jordanian schools that have a profile in the IB World Schools Yearbook.

The schools featured below offer at least one of the IB's four programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP). You can use the search filter below to look for schools that offer one programme in particular.

There are 21 IB World Schools in Jordan, of which 20 are authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma and 10 teach all three International Baccalaureate programmes.

The bilingual Mashrek International School offers the Jordanian school-leaving qualification alongside the full IB programme. It provides co-teaching in English and Arabic for all students in the primary years and a special Arabic language programme for international students in every year group. For the full list of IB World Schools in Jordan, see

After decades of investment, Jordan boasts one of the most advanced public education systems in the Arab world, while its capital Amman is home to scores of international schools. 

Top international schools in Jordan typically follow American, British or international study programmes, employ highly-qualified teachers, and have well-equipped campuses, strong co-curricular programmes, and students from a wide range of nationalities. 

Coeducational day schools are the norm, with most teaching in English and a handful providing bilingual education in Arabic and English. There are many through-train international schools offering all stages of education from kindergarten to senior secondary on one campus. There are also a few single sex schools. 

Jordan’s private school sector is large, educating more than 30 per cent of all students in Amman. Private schools are taxed by the government and fees can be high. But most expatriate children from countries outside the Middle East are educated privately because public schools teach in Arabic. Education is compulsory from age six to fifteen. 

For information on all Jordanian international schools, you can visit:

Asamiah International School

Khalda - Taqi El-Din al-Sabki,

Co-educational, Day, Nursery, Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory, Senior, Sixth Form.

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Modern Montessori School

P.O. Box 1941,

Co-educational, Day, Nursery, Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory, Senior, Sixth Form.

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