St Edward's College, Malta

St Edward's was established in 1929, basing itself on British Public School ideals, to fill the void left in the Maltese education system by the departure of the English Jesuits.

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Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has been inhabited or conquered by many major powers of Europe and North Africa for thousands of years – from the Romans and Carthaginians to the Fatimids, Normans, Napoleonic France and the British Empire. While it achieved independence in 1964, the country retains a rich and diverse culture influenced by all of the island’s former rulers. 

Education is highly valued by Maltese society: state school students are given free textbooks and get free bus travel to school; and the government provides free university education to eligible residents. 

The country has a very well-regarded education system based on the British system, with a similar tripartite structure of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.  

International schools conduct lessons in English and nearly all tend to follow a British or American curriculum, with a wide range of subjects. 

Families moving to Malta frequently find their children able to pick up their studies and integrate seamlessly into their new classes.  

There are two International Baccalaureate World Schools in Malta, both of which offer the IB Diploma Programme, the oldest and most academically rigorous of that organisation’s qualifications. Students at one of these schools – St Edward’s College in Birgu – can also sit Maltese SEC O level examinations and Cambridge Assessment-accredited IGCSEs. St Edward’s is an Eco-School: it aims to increase students’ awareness of environmental development issues in line with the guidelines of the International Foundation for Environment Education. 

IB World Schools are part of a thriving international school sector in Malta. For information on all international schools, you can visit: 

St Edward's College, Malta

Triq San Dwardu,
Birgu (Vittoriosa),
BRG 9039,

Co-educational, Boarding, Day, Nursery, Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory, Senior, Sixth Form.

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