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Escola Eleva - Urca

Escola Eleva - Urca

Alameda Floriano Peixoto 13, Urca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22291-090, Brazil

+55 21 3528 4370



Escola Eleva - Urca
School type Co-educational Day
Status Private
Principal Fabiano Franklin
Language of Instruction English, Portuguese
Co-ed Age Range 14-18 years
Number of pupils 241
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Fabiano Franklin
Associations IB

Escola Eleva is a Brazilian bilingual school that has six campuses in Brazil. Three of those are in Rio de Janeiro: one in Barra da Tijuca, a second one in Botafogo and a third one in Urca. It also has campuses in Recife, in the Northeast of Brazil, in Brasília, our capital city, and is opening the sixth school unit in São Paulo, Brazil's major city both for business and finance, in 2024. Across all sites, Escola Eleva students attend a nurturing school committed to academic excellence and are proud to celebrate the diversity of Brazilian culture. Our mission is to form a new generation of leaders capable of making a difference in their lives and contributing to a better world.

Currently Escola Eleva offers the IB Diploma for high school students at two campuses, Urca and Barra da Tijuca, both in Rio de Janeiro.

Eleva Urca School is located at a traditional address in the city of Rio de Janeiro, on Urca beach, in a century-old historic building that we are proud to preserve and occupy. Our spaces encourage creativity, autonomy and constant exchange between students, staff, and other members of our community.

The building housed the Urca Casino in the 1930s and was later the headquarters of TV Tupi until the 1980s.In 2006 the building was occupied by the European Institute of Design (IED), which carried out a partial restoration of the building for the installation of the institute, which opened in 2014. After seven years of operation, the IED gave way to the Eleva School, which, with a complete restoration, returned the building to its former glory. To transform the site into the Eleva School, we balanced tradition and innovation: we kept the architectural details, the beauty and grandeur of the building, giving it the innovative characteristics of our way of educating. The internal learning spaces include an Innovation Lab, two Visual Arts rooms, a library, drama room, music room and the iconic theatre.

Escola Eleva Urca is a campus exclusive for high school students, offering a bilingual academic environment that enables our learners to exceed their goals and to become successful, well-rounded individuals, while positively contributing to a better world.

In high school, our focus is on consolidating student autonomy and protagonism, balanced with academic rigor. We work on ethical training and intellectual curiosity, preparing students for admission to universities in Brazil and abroad. We provide support and encouragement, self-knowledge, organization, perspectives and the ability to choose.

Our teaching staff is made up of a team dedicated both to the national curriculum - with exclusive preparation for the country's main entrance exams - and for students who wants to study the international curriculum (Full DP).

Since May 2022, Eleva is proud to be part of the Inspired Education Group, the leading global group of premium schools. We have since been adapting our curriculum and activities to achieve even higher standards, bringing Inspired's best practices and experience from more than 80 schools in over 20 countries.