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Hangzhou World Foreign Language School

Hangzhou World Foreign Language School

66 Muge Road, Banshan Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310000, China

+86 189 5814 3128



Hangzhou World Foreign Language School
School type Co-educational Boarding Preparatory, Senior & Sixth Form
Founded 2013
Status Private
Head of Primary School Xu Jian
Language of Instruction English, Chinese
Co-ed Age Range 6-18 years
Number of pupils 110
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Wang Yanzhen
Associations IB

Hangzhou World Foreign Language School (HZWFLS) is the second school established by Shanghai World Foreign Language Education Group (WFL Education) after the Shanghai branch to provide the complete IB curriculum in China. To aim to cultivate "a young Chinese with a modern and global view", the school strives to explore and practice quality education to seek and develop the compassion, elegance, and forthright within the students. By Participation and Practice (P&P) in Cooperation and Creativity (C&C), the students' learner autonomy is augmented, potentials developed, abilities in collaboration fostered, and creativity nurtured.

The IBPYP of HZWFLS started in April 2013. It was authorized by IBO in 2017. Following the school's philosophy of "Let the students embrace the world; Let the world be part of the school life", the PYP Department has been authorized as an International School since 2015.

HZWFLS has a beautiful school campus, excellent teaching facilities, an experienced administrative team, and a Chinese and Foreign teaching team that provides high-quality education to the learners. The PYP Department brings in the IB curriculum, which integrates the advantages of the Chinese and Western education systems. The PYP department aims to develop lifelong learners who maintain A Chinese heart, global vision, international mindedness, inquiry ability and creativity.

Centering on the six transdisciplinary themes, teaching through inquiry, cooperation, discovery, and questioning is the leading way of learning. In the classroom, transdisciplinary learning explores a relevant concept, issue or problem that integrates the perspectives of multiple disciplines to connect new knowledge and deeper understanding to real-life experiences.

Outside the classroom, each inquiry unit will have a community-based learning experience which includes a field trip corresponding to the theme to facilitate the connection of students' learning to authentic, real-world experiences which broaden students' thinking and vision.

The IBDP of HZWFLS was established in 2019 and was officially authorized by IBO in 2021 to become the first IBDP school in Hangzhou.

Located beside the Banshan National Forest Park, the school lies in the embrace of mountains and streams. With the soothing sceneries of nature, the campus is a perfect venue for students to pursue their academic success.

The school offers an IBDP course, which aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The curriculum system consists of six subject groups, which together focus on the three core courses. Through approaches to teaching and learning, the courses train students to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, well-grounded generalists, and participants in global contexts.

The course has no geographical restrictions and is recognized by all mainstream universities in the world. There is a wide range of universities to choose from, which can avoid the impact of changes in visa policies of various countries to the greatest extent.

All teaching faculty members of HZWFLS are certified by IBO, including established teachers with ample teaching experience as well as excellent Master's graduates commanding cutting-edge knowledge of their respective subjects. Currently, HZWFLS adopts small class teaching that our overall teacher-student ratio is around 1:2, the ratio will not exceed 1:5 in five years.

HZWFLS aims to help students establish correct personal values and carry forward international feelings, a positive learning attitude and good self-management skills.

Through integrating the learner profile, approaches to learning, concept-driven inquiry and action, HZWFLS strives to help learners develop into global citizens with lifelong learning abilities to create a better future for everyone through mutual understanding and cooperation. Learners who can celebrate and respect all the differences of nationality, culture and religion can take on a full dynamic role as citizens in an international world.