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Hayah International Academy

Hayah International Academy

South of Police Academy, 5th District, New Cairo, Egypt

+202 25373000/3333



Hayah International Academy
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 2003
Status Private
Head of School Abeya Fathy
Language of Instruction English
Number of pupils 1,320
Authorised IB Programmes IBDP
Diploma Coordinator Omneya Hamdy
Associations IB

Hayah International Academy is committed to create and maintain an environment that fosters and enriches the personal and academic growth of each student. Hayah empowers students to live with purpose, honor their cultural identity, respect diversity, and serve humanity by positively impacting local and global communities.

Hayah International Academy is a distinguished entity founded on the belief that every child is creative, special, and capable of achieving outstanding results if provided with the proper support. Hayah provides a wide selection of educational programs and extra-curricular activities aiming to generate well rounded students and promoting social, academic and physical development.

The school campus is located over a land lot of 55,000 square meters with separate buildings for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle / High school, all equipped to support various learning and extracurricular activities.

Our IB teachers are characterized by their educational excellence. They undergo ongoing development to maintain their professional experience.

IB subjects offered at Hayah:

English Literature HL/SL - English Language and Literature HL/SL - English B HL - Arabic Language and Literature HL/SL - Arabic B HL - Arabic Ab-initio SL - French B HL/SL - French Ab-initio SL - Economics HL/SL - History HL/SL - Business and Management HL/ SL - Psychology HL/SL - Information Technology in Global Society ITGS HL/SL - Chemistry HL/SL - Physics HL/SL - Biology HL/SL - Environmental Systems and Societies SL - Mathematics HL/ SL - Visual Arts HL/SL - Film HL/SL - Global Politics HL/SL.

Class of 2018 students received excellent results with an average IB Diploma score of 34.73. A total of 90% of students scored above 30 points, 52% scored 35 and above and 12% of students scored 40 and above with 43 as the highest score.

Class of 2018 students have joined many top level universities around the world in countries such as: United States, Canada, Egypt, Europe, UK, UAE, Netherlands, Spain, Croatia, Belgium and Australia.

*Fees are collected in EGP equivalent