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ISTEK Kemal Atatürk Schools (Kindergarten & Primary School)

ISTEK Kemal Atatürk Schools (Kindergarten & Primary School)

Tarabya Bayiri Cad. No 60, Tarabya/Sariyer, 34457 Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey

+90 212 262 75 75



ISTEK Kemal Atatürk Schools (Kindergarten & Primary School)
School type Co-educational Day
Status Private
Principal Mehmet Öcalan
Language of Instruction Turkish
Co-ed Age Range 3-10 years
Authorised IB Programmes IBPYP
PYP Coordinator Idil Ayyürek
Associations IB

Situated on the European side of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus, lies Istek Kemal Atatürk Schools, which educates students from pre-school to high school. Apart from the Preschool and Primary School National Education Curriculum, PYP was added with IB authorization in 2013.

Since 1985 Istek Kemal Atatürk Schools offers a safe environment with open and closed sport centers, a semi-olympic swimming pool, well equipped laboratories, and libraries rich in resources and modern educational technologies. One can also find a spacious dining area, art rooms, a bicycle training zone, and a 7400m² garden!

We believe that every child is gifted in a unique way. We aim to discover those gifts by offering different programmes such as; chess, musical instruments, visual arts, swimming, gym, modern dance, drama and brain teasers.

Throughout the year we assess our students in order to provide the best support for those whose needs differ from their peers. Our educational program is continuously developing out of consideration for our children's age, level of development, needs and any international developments. The curriculum is enhanced by making changes that allows students to perform at their top cognitive capacity. We support them in reaching this capacity by activating their curiosity, asking them to research, explore and solve problems. The IB Baccalaureate PYP Primary Years Programme helps students to experience learning and the process of knowledge. Taking into account each students individual differences, we have tutorials for students who need extra support. We believe that students should care about the issues facing their communities and environment, and it’s our responsibility to create a community of well rounded, knowledgeable, internationally minded, and caring students.

English is intensively taught in our school. Our students are assessed with the internationally recognized TOEFL test. We teach Spanish and German from second to fourth grade. Our aim is, to broaden our students' horizons and help them become citizens of the world.

We aim to create experiences that will make our students well rounded, organized, mature and socially responsible. We open new clubs in areas where we see students show interest, in addition to the arts and sports lessons that they normally attend. Students are selected to take part in after school clubs aimed at advancing their knowledge of science, and their abilities in arts and sports. These students go on to represent our school in national and international competitions.