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Newington College - Lindfield

Newington College - Lindfield

26 Northcote Road, Lindfield, New South Wales, NSW 2070, Australia

+61 2 9416 4280



Newington College - Lindfield
School type Boys' Day
Status Private
Head of School Mr Benjamin Barrington-Higgs
Language of Instruction English
Co-ed Age Range 5-12 years
Day fees per annum AUS$20,903 - AUS$28,290
Authorised IB Programmes IBPYP
PYP Coordinator Benjamin Barrington-Higgs
Associations IB

In the hub of Sydney, Australia

Newington College is an International Baccalaureate World School in inner Sydney. It includes a Primary Years Programme (PYP) satellite prep school in Lindfield, on Sydney's upper north shore, and a boarding house for secondary school students on the main campus in Stanmore, in the inner west. The College attracts students from greater Sydney, regional areas and the Asia Pacific.

Its location in the heart of an expanding, coastal international city gives boys of all ages the opportunity to access a range of learning and cultural resources. Surrounded by universities, theatres, libraries and museums, Newington College regularly engages with experts from nearby centres of learning.

The College has 25 acres of gardens and playing fields that create an oasis of learning within a busy city. Newington is only 10 minutes from Sydney International Airport and Central Station and five minutes from the University of Sydney.

A liberal tradition of innovation

Newington College was founded in 1863 with a liberal policy of inclusion that declared it 'open to the sons of all'. Its fathers realised the need for a quality educational establishment to develop boys of promise into men of substance.

Newington College's approach, with its focus on critical and creative thinking, makes it a remarkable place to educate your son.

A diverse and inclusive community

Newington College is committed to providing a holistic education for boys.

Its families value the broad perspectives and liberal outlook of the College community. They embrace the opportunity for their sons to believe that others can be different - and also be right, a belief espoused by the IB. Every day, boys at there are encouraged to approach their education with rigour and a mind open to diverse views and perspectives.

Newington College strives to create young men of integrity who are courageous, open-minded, creative and curious; whose views are formed through truly critical thinking and who value both independence and teamwork.

Academic Rigour in Learning and Teaching

In the primary years, Lindfield Preparatory School offers the PYP. Newington College's senior school is the only Greater Public School in Sydney that offers a choice between the state-wide Higher School Certificate examination and the IB Diploma Programme. The IB Diploma at Newington College is a popular option for many boys and the results achieved by the College are outstanding.

Newington is committed to providing an internationally respected education with access to the best teachers, facilities and opportunities. Students are encouraged to take a global perspective and to immerse themselves in their own particular areas of interest and passion.

The College is equipped with the latest technology infrastructure and subject specific, industry level facilities including a modern technology centre, 200-seat drama theatre, light-filled library, lecture theatre and super-labs.

Well-being and character

At Newington College, teachers share their passion for their area of expertise and build strong relationships with their students. They tailor their teaching to suit the learning styles of each student.

The College is committed to ensuring that every person feels respected and valued in the school community. The boys admire their teachers and coaches for their genuine interest in each student’s well-being, passions, goals and setbacks.

Spirituality, Values and Ethics

As a Uniting Church school, Christian values are a strong part of the way that the College has built its community. This includes welcoming students and families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds.

The boys are expected to build a sense of social responsibility and justice and are encouraged to test out their ideas and to seize every opportunity available to them.

Co-curricular Engagement

Newington College is committed to providing all boys with the chance to experiment and thrive through participating in a varied range of co-curricular activities and tours in Australia and abroad. These opportunities are a large part of what distinguishes the College. Boys combine academic life with sports, arts, outdoor education and hands-on learning activities. They are supported and encouraged in the journey to discovering their unique passions and interests.

Community in Partnership

An exceptional sense of community is part of the Newington College culture, which emphasises service to others and the development of strong and lasting relationships. This involves not only teachers and students but parents, families and Old Boys. The College strives for every member of the Newington community to feel welcome, connected and appreciated.


Out of the 35 students doing the IBDP in 2021, 27 received an ATAR rank over 95.00. For Newington, the median score was 40/45 which is equivalent to an ATAR of 97.90. The average score was 39/45 (96.49 ATAR equivalent). This is compared to a global average score of 32/45. All students doing the IBDP are to be congratulated for these extremely impressive results.