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Orangewood Elementary

Orangewood Elementary

1440 S. Orange Avenue, West Covina, CA 91790, USA

+1 626 939 4820


Orangewood Elementary
School type Coeducational Day
Status State
Principal Ms. Janet Shirley
Language of Instruction English, Spanish
Co-ed Age Range 4-11
Number of pupils 595
Authorised IB Programmes IBPYP
PYP Coordinator Ms. Jeanne Berrong
Associations IB, CAWS

Reflecting Southern California's rich, multicultural heritage, Orangewood Elementary is a multi-ethnic, TK-5th grade learning community located twenty miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley city of West Covina. Recognizing the power and potential of the IB curriculum frameworks to reinvigorate public education, West Covina Unified School District has embarked on the ambitious goal of creating a TK-12th grade continuum of IB learning. In July 2017, Orangewood Elementary earned recognition as an IB World School, creating the foundation for a district pathway of IB schools.

Students who read, write, think, and communicate in two languages will be better prepared for college and career, and positioned to compete in a global economy. Although all students at Orangewood study Spanish as an additional language, a Dual Immersion Pathway is available, providing instruction in both English and Spanish with the goal of cultivating bi-literate learners. Students who continue their language studies beyond elementary school are eligible to earn the 'California Seal of Biliteracy' for their high school diploma.

As part of Orangewood's commitment to providing a well-rounded curriculum, we incorporate technology and the arts to support our transdisciplinary units of inquiry. Striving to enhance learning through 21st century skills, we introduce the use of 1:1 devices beginning with iPads in kindergarten, and graduate to Chromebooks by second grade. Coding and robotics is studied by all students and serves as the bridge to our district Career Technical Education pathway. In addition, weekly dance lessons beginning in TK create the opportunity for students to explore, perform, and study dance throughout their education.

Ultimately, the strength of Orangewood Elementary lies in its commitment to family involvement and the promotion of student action. From our "IB Scholar Spotlights" to the collaborative projects undertaken in our Learning Garden, Orangewood Elementary School cultivates students who truly exemplify the Learner Profile.

Mission Statement:

"Orangewood Elementary is dedicated in developing globally-minded problem solvers. We enhance learning by inspiring students to inquire through transdisciplinary units, while empowering them to take action using the attributes of the Learner Profile."