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Zürich Schule Barcelona

Zürich Schule Barcelona

73 Pearson Avenue, 08034 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

+34 932 037 606



Zürich Schule Barcelona
School type Co-educational Day
Status Private
Language of Instruction German, Spanish
Authorised IB Programmes IBPYP
PYP Coordinator Alèxia Vallvé Marín
Associations IB

Zürich Schule Barcelona is a privately-owned, non-subsidized, and secular educational center for Preschool, Primary, and Secondary education. It aims to help students to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. Forming a community, the school emphasizes on people and the relationships between them. It also encourages a sense of belonging, participation, and involvement of the entire educational community in the school projects. The school has approximately 300 students, one class per year group, and 40 different nationalities are represented. All teachers are native speakers.

More than 50 Years of Historic Legacy

With this legacy, Zürich Schule Barcelona instills an international mentality and global awareness in pupils. The school understands what a responsible and respectful vision of the world means. And above all, the school wants these facets to be expressed in the beliefs, actions, and contributions to make up the educational and learning community.

In preschool, they teach all subjects in the German language. The school makes an exception for Literacy, Music Education, Psychomotricity and Swimming, which are instructed in Spanish and Catalan. The methodologies applied foster children's innate potential.

As education at this age is crucial, the school serves throughout the year in four-month terms. It functions according to the objectives of the programme. The children, being young explorers, observe, learn, and proceed further.

Zürich Schule Barcelona is an IB school with the PYP and MYP Programme. Hence, scholars here are active, supportive, and follow a lifelong learning attitude. This echoes the general development of the child and his or her potential for study and learning, both in and out of the school. Children learn by continual curiosity and accountability for their own learning.

The school intensifies the German language in Primary Education incorporating the written language. The groups are divided and distributed in the timetable to encourage oral and written language acquisition. In this way, the school pays more personal attention to the pupils.

The IB Primary Years Programme explores the learning, social, and emotional well-being of pupils. This pushes them to develop individuality and to seize responsibility for their own learning. It facilitates their efforts to make sense of the world and how to function within it. Further, it helps students to discover personal values as a basis on which a foreign mindset grows and flourishes.

Here, trans-disciplinary themes provide the IB World Schools with an ability to integrate local and global topics into their curriculum and allow students to 'step up' beyond the field of learning in the subject areas.

As an IB school, the school’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) emphasizes intellectual challenge. This helps secondary school students to make concrete links between their learning and the real world and trains them for success in their future education and in their lives.

In accordance with the changing world, pupils from class 1-10 learn on their iPad. This serves as their complementing partner in learning material. Further adapting to the benefit of innovative technologies, Zürich Schule Barcelona has opted to reduce communication channels with a tailor-made ZSB app.