A showcase of linguistic heritage - Home Language Week at Luanda International School

Posted on 22nd May 2024 in School News

Home Language Week at Luanda International School is an opportunity to celebrate the linguistic diversity and the rich tapestry of stories that define its community’s collective identity. 

This year, as in previous years, the LIS community came together and engaged in activities aimed at exploring and cherishing the diverse languages represented within the school. The multilingual meet-and-greet at the school's entrance set the stage for a week filled with warm exchanges representing over 30 languages.

Throughout the week, students eagerly shared their linguistic backgrounds, immersing themselves in library readings by teachers, parents and students, in both familiar and unfamiliar languages, and in languages that share the same script as their language and languages that have different scripts. Games and karaoke sessions bridged language barriers, creating moments of connection and understanding that transcended words.

Parents played a vital role in enriching the experience, sharing their home languages and stories to create a dynamic learning environment that extended beyond the classroom. Their contributions added depth and authenticity to the celebrations.

A highlight from that week was the premiere of a student-created video adaptation of a beloved children's book "Going on a Bear Hunt," reimagined as "Going on a Lion Hunt” to capture the adventurous spirit of Home Language Week. This imaginative project was viewed by the whole school at the beginning of the week, acting as an initial prompt for further discussions about multilingualism. As the week came to a close, students dressed up in attires representing their countries, a visual symbol of the unity and diversity within our community. It was a powerful reminder that while our languages may differ, our shared humanity brings us together as one family.

Home Language Week embodies the values of curiosity and appreciation, essential components of the IB learner profile. By embracing linguistic diversity, we equip our students with the skills needed to thrive in a globalized world, fostering empathy, open-mindedness, and cultural competency.

Watch the video here: https://streamable.com/e/a7g3q2?autoplay=1