​ESF IB students achieve outstanding results

Posted on 8th Jul 2022 in School News, International Baccalaureate, Diploma Programme

ESF students have secured an incredible set of International Baccalaureate (IB) results with 36 students achieving 45 points and 62 students achieving 44 points.

“I am absolutely delighted with the success of our students this year. This is a real testament to their hard work and dedication,” said Belinda Greer, ESF’s Chief Executive Officer.

“The students have excelled in every way during a very challenging couple of years. The IB Diploma is an academically rigorous qualification which showcases not just ability but the students’ resilience and tenacity.’’

ESF’s full results are below:

ESF results
(May 2022)
Worldwide results
(May 2021)*
45 points36 students (4.3%)1,351 students (1.7%)
44 points62 students (7.4%)2,093 students (2.7%)
40 points or more391 students (46.3%)16,284 students (18.4%)
35 points or more663 students (75.0%)38,998 students (44.1%)
30 points or more782 students (92.7%)62,844 students (71.0%)
Students awarded the Diploma (24 points or more)836 students (99.1%)78,735 students (89.0%)
Average point scores for all IB Diploma students37.933.0

*Worldwide results for the IB Diploma are for May 2021, as the full 2021 data is not available until November.

ESF’s Chair, Dr Kim Mak, joined Belinda Greer in congratulating the students: “I would like to congratulate our students on their success. The results clearly reflect the hard work and determination of the students. I would also like to recognise the outstanding commitment of our teachers. Everyone has much to be proud of.”

This year, 36 ESF students achieved the maximum of 45 points. They include:

ESF Discovery College

  • Xavier Chang
  • Renee Tan

ESF Island School

  • Anya Broad
  • Yu Hang HUI
  • Timothy Haiyi LIU
  • Celina Shin
  • Jacy To
  • Tsui Tsz Yan
  • Sayuri Watanabe
  • Grace Zheng

ESF King George V School

  • Crystal Chan
  • Luke Seo Jin Kim
  • Che Young Lee
  • Michael Sun
  • Terry Tong

ESF Renaissance College

  • Jesslyn Chan
  • Conrad Helau
  • Kaitlyn Leung
  • Angus Leung
  • Andrea Lo
  • Joshua Tsang

ESF Sha Tin College

  • Jeffrey Chan
  • Andrea Chow
  • Nathan Soong-Boc Hui
  • Lia Gaeul Kim
  • Isaac Hok Lam Lee
  • Lim Chun Wai
  • Hillary Lo
  • Ryan Orr
  • Venus Tsang

ESF South Island School

  • Felix Chim
  • Rachel Luk
  • Anakin Wan

ESF West Island School

  • Zita Ng
  • Fergus Tong
  • Ushaan Turel