'IB students enter university very well prepared'

Posted on 15th May 2020 in University Study, Spain, International Baccalaureate

Q&A with Alvaro Escribano, Director of Carlos III International School (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Q. What has been the impact on UC3M students of the COVID-19 crisis?

Since March 2020, when universities in Spain and other countries closed their doors to face-to-face training, the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has moved 100% of its teaching to online. This has allowed its 20,000 national and international students to finish their undergraduate and graduate courses with guarantees.

Q. How do colleges/universities in Spain view the IB?

In general, IB students enter university very well prepared. Especially IB students who have taken advanced courses in mathematics, etc. and therefore are usually very good students.

Q. The is the value of an IB education in UC3M?

UC3M values very positively the training given in the IB for its learning capacity and for its ability to structure the contents and assimilate the knowledge that is being taught.

Q. Admissions requirements for the IB students in UC3M: Do IB Diploma scores influence admissions offers at UC3M?

The requirements for admission to a UC3M Rolling Admissions Degree, which is open from October to June, are the same as those for students of other International Baccalaureates. However, the Admissions Committee may award some additional points based on important elements, such as having studied mathematics at an advanced level, etc. and this is very common in IB students applying to UC3M.