IB World Schools Yearbook 2019 is available now

Posted on 28th Jan 2019 in John Catt Publications, International Baccalaureate

John Catt is very pleased to announce the publication of the IB World Schools Yearbook 2019.

The Yearbook is officially published today and is now available to download and order from this site.

The new edition features profiles of more than 330 IB World Schools and key information on more than 5,000 schools and colleges.

It includes essential information on the IB and its programmes – including a welcome message from Director General Siva Kumari and Chair of Governors George Rupp.

The Appendix section offers information on DP subjects offered in 2019, advice on universities that acknowledge the IB diploma, those that offer scholarships to recipients of the IB diploma

To order a copy of the 2019 Yearbook please visit our bookshop.

You can download an e-version of the Yearbook from a link in the top bar on the homepage.