Inhotim Institute visits St. Francis College PYP 8 Exhibition students

Posted on 18th Apr 2023 in School News, Brazil

The Inhotim Institute is home to one of the most important collections of contemporary art in Brazil and is considered the largest open-air museum in the world. St. Francis College was fortunate to have key educators from this institute speak to our PYP 8 students about contemporary art.

Inspiration grew and prompted students to consider how they can create art to share their learning, provoke their audience’s interest, and express thoughts and concerns related to their inquiries. This is an important aspect of the Exhibition where pupils have the opportunity to evoke emotions and demonstrate their understanding of their Exhibition topic through the arts.

The chat with Inhotim educators provoked students and enabled them to open their minds to the different art languages. In April, these same educators will come to St Francis College to provide students with guidance as they prepare their artistic expressions for Exhibition.

St. Francis also welcomed Bernardo Paz, the founder of Inhotim. He described where his idea came from, what inspired him, and his challenges and achievements. The PYP 8 students and teachers are grateful for this rich partnership.