New release: Taking the IB CP Forward

Posted on 12th Jul 2017 in John Catt Publications, Career-related Programme

John Catt Educational is pleased to announce the publication of Taking the IB CP Forward, edited by Judith Fabian, Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson.

The IB Career-related Programme for 16 to 19 year olds was launched in 2012. Designed for young people who want to prepare for a career and the world of work alongside their academic studies, the CP adds a new dimension to an IB education, opening it up to a wider range of student needs and aspirations.

This edited collection provides ideas and support for those involved in implementing the CP, or planning to introduce it in the future. The chapters are written by practitioners, some of whom have been involved with the CP from its earliest days, who provide forthright accounts of the significant rewards the introduction of the CP has brought to their students.

Taking the IB CP Forward explores the key elements of the programme, its flexibility and how it can implemented to meet the needs of a range of educational contexts.


Foreword, Judith Fabian, Mary Hayden, Jeff Thompson

Part A: Overview of the Career-related Programme

An introduction to the Career-related Programme, Dominic Robeau

Achieving recognition of the Career-related Programme: the broad view, Theresa Forbes

Developing lifelong learners: an overview of the Personal and Professional Skills component of the Career-related Programme, Chantell Wyten

Why Service Learning matters in the Career-related Programme, Cathryn Berger Kaye

The Reflective Project: a journey into the world of ethics in the Career-related Programme, Patrick Daneau

Language Development in the Career-related Programme: putting it into a practice, Alexandra Juniper, Sara Woodcock, Ramona Dietrich, Mike Worth, Catheryn Phipps-Orive

Part B: Implementing the Career-related Programme in a national context

The Career-related Programme in the US, Paul Campbell and Natasha Deflorian

Bridging the divide through the Career-related Programme in the UK: a leap of faith, David Barrs

A collaborative approach to implementing the Career-related Programme: the Kent pilot schools in the UK, Tony Smith

Good education changes lives: the Career-related Programme in a UK state school, Kate Greig

The Career-related Programme as a pathway to university for students of the creative arts in Queensland, Australia, John Carozza

Part C: Implementing the Career-related Programme in an international context

The Career-related Programme at the International School of Geneva, Conan de Wilde

Berlin Brandenburg International School: the Career-related Programme as a commitment to inclusive education, Peter Kotrc and Julia Peters

Implementing the Career-related Programme at Greenfield Community School, Dubai: a coordinator’s tale, Mike Worth

The Career-related Programme as a catalyst for change: the experience of Renaissance College, Hong Kong, Stewart Redden

From pilot to programme: the journey of the Career-related Programme, John Bastable

Taking the IB CP Forward in the latest of a series of John Catt publications on IB programmes, including Taking the PYP ForwardTaking the MYP ForwardTaking the DP Forward, and MYP – New Directions, all of which can be ordered from our online bookshop.