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Waseda University

Waseda University, a top institution of higher education based in central Tokyo, has 47,000+ students in 13 undergraduate and 20 postgraduate schools. Waseda University was founded by Shigenobu Okuma, former Prime Minister of Japan, in 1882. With a rich history spanning for more than 130 years, it is known around the world as one of Japan's top universities. It boasts a strong alumni network of over 660,000 members from all over the world and lists among its alumni 8 Japanese prime ministers, 100+ Executives of global corporations such as Fast Retailing (UNIQLO) and Nintendo, as well as novelist Haruki Murakami and figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu.

Under the principle of "Harmonization of Eastern and Western Cultures" advocated by our founder, Shigenobu Okuma, Waseda University has proactively opened its doors to international students since its founding. Waseda University is #2 in Japan for the most number of International students (over 8,000 students from 100+ countries) and have 800+ partnerships and exchange programs with Universities worldwide. Without a doubt, Waseda is the most internationalized university in Japan.

Throughout its history, the university has been supported by three principles: independence of scholarship, promotion of the practical application of scholarship, and the fostering of good citizens. Waseda continues to maintain these traditions while also constantly engaging in and with current global trends and ideas on education and research.


Waseda University offers a broad range of programs. In addition to various Japanese-based programs, it offers  6 English-based Undergraduate programs and 16 English-based Graduate programs.

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